About ME

I have always had a fascination with paper.  It's all encompassing as an art material.  It can handle paint, water, scissors, glue.  I wasn't born with natural talent to draw, yet I was given the art of being able to follow instruction and manipulate paper into an art form.  

It started with folding origami in the kusudama style, and creating flower, balls, decor and centerpieces.  My work has been used in weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, events and of course a unique gift that never wilts. 

As my love for paper art grew, I became enamored with 3D ShadowBox and layering images.  Some I have created on my own, using a Cricut and handcutting with an exacto knife. The feeling of joy it gives me when my work is enjoyed melts me.  

I always love the gift of a challenge.